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Find out the advantages of nanomedicine

Posted by :samanthakahn

A lot of research has been going on in the field of nanotechnology.  The development on nanoscaleparticles has given many benefits by producing more efficient products such as carbon nanotubes, solar panels, nanorobots, etc. All these are being implemented or will be used in coming future. A part of nanotechnology research and development encircles the field of nanomedicine. We are yet to understand the prospects of it in a more generalized way, but to get a brief idea of what is nanomedicine read below.


Nanomedicine is a stream of nanotechnology which has diverse applications. This stream specifically concentrates on improving medicinal benefits for patients and aiding doctors to help in critical surgeries and treatment of illness.


Many nanotechnology product are being developed in nanoscale which helps in advance technology of medicinal treatment, for example bio sensors, nanorobots, advance ECG machine, small apparatus, all these useful tools are a gift of nanomedicine.


Nanotechnology has given us many reasons to be more enthusiastic about its development and research. Many useful nano products have been flooded in the market and observing great results. Although we cannot say that nanotechnology has got 100% success in every sector, but to an extent we can say yes many has benefited from it. So let us see the basic advantages of nanomedicine are.


Nanomedicine application- A number of application of molecular technology are developed which are very useful and efficient. The application of nanomaterial and nanoparticles are included in sensors and other functioning machine to make it more efficient and powerful to be able to use at a greater rate. The entire medical fraternity supports nanotechnology as it works faster and has at least 90% accuracy rate which is quite impressive.


Below are some of the useful application of nanomedicine let us see what are they.


  • Artificial antibodies-Our blood consists of antibodies which our immune system uses to identify any harmful content and remove it. The idea of creating artificial antibodies was first implemented in nanomedicine and the result of the experiment was quite successful. By injecting red or white blood cells into the body, the balance will be maintained, especially in cancer patients the blood cells are increased to keep a balance. Injecting artificial antibodies may bring a revolution in health care, as it will help to balance the functioning of natural antibodies.


  • ECG machine-A far more advance version of ECG machine are now present at super specialty hospitals which track down the heart condition and heart beat and notifies if anything is observedabnormal. The behavior of the body cells are highly influenced by the nano device present in the body. This kind of ECG machine is new application of nanomedicine which will give a detailed study of body function and monitor the behavior of various cells and organs.


  • Nanorobots- Nanorobots are another useful idea which can bring a revolution in the field of medicine. If it is possible to implement the nanorobots the way it has been proposed a number of critical illness can be treated without much fuss. A life threatening disease like cancer will be cured from its core by removing all the cancer carrying cells in the body. Additionally it will help to detect any signs of illness in the body which will be very fruitful in early diagnosis of any illness and start early treatment. These tiny robots can easily flow into our bodies, to detect harmful infections, bacteria or eruption of any cancer cell, also it could be used to monitor the functioning hear pacemaker or other such artificial devices put inside our body which is quite a big advantage of nanomedicine.


  • Drugs disperse- We use drugs for treating an illness, but we also know that prolonged consumption of these drugs will affect our health and some may lead to failure of organ functioning or even death.Nanomedicine has an effective application that helps in removing the extra remaining of drugs in the body which might be harmful. The revolutionary drug delivery system will be a great help for people who needs to take drug doses of great amount.


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