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Top nanotechnology products in different sectors

Posted by :oliverstone276

The market is pouring out with nanotechnology enhanced products. Consumers are getting more scopes to buy products inbuilt with nanotechnology which is more efficient. In every sectors, manufacturing of new products are utilizing the benefits of this technology involving nanomaterial. Gradually the production of nanotechnology products in future will increase to a massive amount and the demand of manufacturing more efficient products will be fulfilled by it.

Looking upon the present scenario, a number of products are being utilized in different sectors, such as in sectors like sports, construction, medicine, automobile various other sectors are using products based on nanotechnology. Let us see some of the useful products that are taking the world by storm.

Nanotechnology products in sports

Thanks to the technology a number of Nanotechnology products in sports are specially made keeping in mind the requirements of a sports person. These products are generating positive outputs in case of improving performance of the athlete, or reducing the chances of injury. The revolutionary products are helping sports to be more fun and more advance which helps international athletes to improve their performance and helps in advance training. Some of the products are tennis rackets, tennis balls, archery arrows, fish rods, cricket bat, plastic frame for racing cycles, nano ski wax, etc. Using nanotechnology in these products makes it light weight and more durable for a long-lasting use. Nanoscale materials such as nanoclays fullerenes carbon nanotubes (CNTs), silica (SNPs), are used to make sport equipment that helps to make it more durable and strong increasing its life service period.

Nanotechnology products used for cars

no one wants their car to look unpolished and dull, to make your car look more shiny and glossy one can use the products specially made to put a shining coat over the paint of your automobile’s body using the very effective nanotechnology. Certain products like scratch resistant coats, nano wax to hide small crack on the car body products to keep a long-lasting shine after your paint job, paints that don’t let any dust, oil or water to stick to the surface, easy to clean products. Now the car owners have the best option to keep their car look new for a long time, using the nanotechnology products for cars.

Nanotechnology products in construction

nanotechnology has advanced a lot in building efficient construction materials that has many uses. For example, titanium implants help to manufacture self-cleaning windows for high-rise buildings, carbon nano tubes gives a stronger base to the construction, nanoscale silica fume used in concrete to increase their durability, glass made of nanotechnology helps to control the temperature inside the building, solar cells to conserve more solar energy and use it for various other purposes. All these nanotechnology application in manufacturing different construction products are really helping the construction industry.

Nanotechnology products for electronics

Nanotechnology has entered the electronics market as well. Now we can use various electronic products made by using nanotechnology. For example, small hard drives of 100 TB space capacity, quick chargers, high-resolution of screens, tiny security cameras can be more useful for security purpose all these are possible because of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology products arms and military

nanotechnology has proved very beneficial for the defense forces. Many nanotechnology products like tiny computers and nano robots has special use in military and armed forces. Nanotechnology in military weapons and body armor will give the battlefield soldiers more protection from enemy’s harmful strike. Additionally the intelligence bureaus also gets a terrific amount of benefits from the nanotechnology products like "surveillance dust" or "smart matter", which are inexpensive sensors with computational and wireless communications features, hi level machine that can work faster than human brain in future.

Thus we can conclude that nanotechnology products are very useful for serving different purposes, they save more energy, time and are far more efficient than the old traditional products available in the market today. With further research we may hope that

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  1. KariNorth  - July 07, 2015

    It is interesting to see all the different type of products that are impacted and improved by nanotechnology! Nanotech in military applications are a bit scary I think, it would be nice to learn more about how it is used in the military and about the ethical aspects.

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