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Future goals of green nanotechnology

Posted by :archiemcphee58

When we associate the term “green” with anything the first thought which comes to our mind is something related to our environment or rather something that will not harm our environment. We have been familiar with the uses of greenhousegases, green revolution, green technology, ecofriendly products, etc. As we are fast progressing towards new technologies and more efficient tools, green nanotechnology has come up in the front row of utilization. It has adopted green methods as well, to use the nanomaterial for the betterment of our environment.

What is green nanotechnology?

Green nanotechnology is the study of nanotechnology and its various uses in environment. With the help of this technology a number of applications are invented for recycling of products, using eco- friendly raw materialsfor various productions, minimizing the polluting agents during manufacturing, reducing cost and energy and various other such concerning matters.

Green Nanotechnology applications are expected to solve many environmental problems such as savingenergy, water treatment, waste management, etc. Although the effects of nanotechnology shouldn’t be ignored at all. This technology also has some adverse effect which creates nano-pollution which is hard to see through naked eyes. It is yet to see whether they cause much harm to the environment or not.

What are its future goals for green nanotechnology

Day by day the number of production houses are increasing, thus the demand of energy is also becoming high. Another effect of this manufacturing houses is huge pollution. Thus everything is related to each other. And thus a sustainable application can pause the huge crisis we are about to face in near future.

The lighting fast rate in which the fossil fuels are used up, our natural resources won’t last for any longer, we have to be depended on renewable resources then. This is where green nanotechnology applicationswill play a crucial role.

A recent research and development has led to the innovation of green nanotechnology applications which will save us from the energy crisis.


  • Nanophosphor-Based electro-luminescence lighting device will be able to help in indoor photosynthesis, which is really helpful for the field of agriculture.
  • Nanoscale rectenna are used for converting heat waste into electrical energy. These rectennas have played a crucial role in saving more solar energy.
  • In fact, nanotechnologyhas excelled in reducing greenhouse gas emission coming out from various industries.
  • Making of fuel cells, thermo-electric devices and solar batteries to save more energy.


The prime goal of green nanotechnology is to make application and products that will be compatible with the environment which is not harmful at all. Additionally, it will work to reduce the pollution and waste created by other factors. It uses green chemistry, green engineering, whichworks wonderfully to create environment-friendly materials and products which is designed to save the natural resources of earth and which are less hazardous.

Thus, we can say the future goals of green nanotechnology looks bright and promising. Surely it has huge plans to restore balance amongst the polluting agents and sustainable methods, also to treat waste management to find another way for utilizing them in different forms.

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